In 1980 “Kirimli Bros” having as their objective to offer products with style, quality, comfort and aesthetics in the ground of shoemaking, establish the “SABINO” company, that from the beginning makes a perceptible presence in the Greek market place, after a long term and continuous effort managed to constitute one of the leading companies in the ground of footwear.

“SABINO” company, a clearly importing company that resides at Kallithea in Athens, where it lodges to in a privately owned establishment of 4.800 s.m. can provide the capability at customers and associates to come in contact with an experienced and specialized personnel, that uses the latest methods in management and organization, in order to see and choose from the products of every collection in a full of color and style show room that exists.

During the years that followed the company’s establishment, having as a continuous target the improvement of its quality and its customer support, through traveling abroad and following the international trends, giving full attention in the everyday needs of the consuming audience, receiving messages from every era and having as an ally the tactics of Marketing and Advertisement, not only was the company established in the ground of footwear but also in the preferences of the consumers.

Being aware, renewing and developing steadily, provides ideas in order to walk in a better way; while at the same time provides shoes with style and comfort for the child, the woman and the man of every age for their every going out during the day, making them distinguish for their good taste.

“SABINO” knows how to make the difference! The company having in its disposal the trust of its clients will continue to correspond in their needs in the best possible way!


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